About Us


Connect Roofing are emerging leaders in the metal roofing industry in Central Queensland, focussing on Byfield, Yeppoon and the Capricorn Coast, but we can also deliver services to regions across the state. We have a culture of care and professionalism that is paramount in everything we do, from the way we treat our clients to the quality of workmanship we provide. Our ethos is to 'connect' with like-minded clients and customers that share our vision of quality and professionalism, who are committed to getting it right the first time! We offer attention to detail that is second to none even when it comes to the most complicated of roof designs.

Metal roofers in Central Queensland


What you get from us

We conduct a visual inspection and provide our clients a detailed report on the condition of their roof. This includes photos, identification of current and potential future issues, and our recommendations. We also prioritise works that should be done either immediately, within the next 12 months, or 2-3 year fixes. Often attending to small immediate maintenance can prevent further, major repairs or replacement in the future.We specialise in new homes and re-roofing using high quality BlueScope Steel. The material you choose is a personal choice based on aesthetics and on functionality.



Our Service Guarantee

We are committed to getting it right first time.


With Connect Roofing you have access to:

  • over 15 years of roofing experience

  • 6 year workmanship guarantee

  • BlueScope Steel warranty

  • prompt service and delivery

  • a safe working environment

  • company that cares about sustainability  

  • a thorough inspection before work is signed off as complete 


Our team

Led by Connect Roofing owner Jack Michaels, our team of local expert roofers have over 15 years of experience. We like to get the job done well, done quickly, and done with a smile! Here's a picture of just a few of our guys.